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  • Featuring a wide variety of materials, the Reformation 500 Sourcebook features sections dedicated to helping you answer the question, "How might your congregation observe the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation?" through worship, education, and service. This resource includes reproducible material on a CD-ROM for printing and distribution.

  • Announcing By Heart: Conversations with Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, an in-depth exploration of the Small Catechism available August 15! This 7-session course will generate meaningful conversations about the biblical and historical context of the Small Catechism, its link to the church’s faith, and its connections to Luther’s life and your life today. Sign up today to learn more.

  • Buy individual Annotated Luther volumes 1 through 6 for only $24 each, now through June 15! Retail price: $39. Or get the complete set for only $139! Retail price: $234. The Annotated Luther series is an essential reference tool for students at all levels, as well as an engaging and accessible resource for pastors and interested lay readers who want to explore and teach Luther and his writings with greater depth and clarity.

  • You are invited to attend one of our six free music clinics this summer! Each clinic will feature new seasonal music from Augsburg Fortress, workshops led by clinicians David Cherwien and Mark Sedio, a hymn festival, and more. Clinics will take place in the Twin Cities, Columbia, Chicago, Philadelphia, Columbus, and Seattle. Attendees will also receive a 15% discount on Augsburg Fortress featured music.

  • ReNew

    ReNew: The Green VBS™ is a 5-day curriculum that empowers kids (PreK—Grade 6) to grow in faith, have fun, and change the world. Each day explores Jesus’ Parable of the Sower with three age-appropriate activities that help kids learn how to care for God’s creation. Celebrate God’s creation this summer with ReNew!

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