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  • Good Morning, World!

    Good Morning, World!

    It's a new day! Kids can follow along with the Frolic friends as they go through their morning routines, and learn about how to incorporate God into every day.


  • Uri and the Busy Day

    Uri and the Busy Day

    Uri has a fun day ahead and doesn't want to miss anything. Sometimes the fun gets to be too much! Children learn ways to calm down on too-busy days.


  • God Finds Us

    God Finds Us

    A seek-and-find book that introduces kids to the idea that God is all around them.


  • Pray to God

    Pray to God

    We can pray to God anywhere, any time, in any way, and about anything!


  • Jo and the Slow Soup

    Jo and the Slow Soup

    When the Frolic friends get together to make soup, Jo the goat needs to learn patience while the soup cooks.


  • God Made Us All

    God Made Us All

    Some animals are little, others are big - but big or small, God made us all!


  • God's Wonderful World

    God's Wonderful World

    God's world is full of amazing things. Good thing God gave use five senses to experience it with!


  • Frolic First Bible

    Frolic First Bible

    This delightful picture Bible tells twenty of the Bible's most beloved stories from creation to the resurrection and introduces little ones to God's love and care.


  • Rufus and His Angry Tail

    Rufus and His Angry Tail

    Rufus gets upset when Ava comes along and messes up his favorite game. Will saying a prayer help him to be less angry?


  • Ava and the Skimpy Picnic

    Ava and the Skimpy Picnic

    Ava throws a picnic, but nobody brings enough food to share. What could make this picnic better?