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Preparing for Marriage: A Guide for Christian Couples

Preparing for Marriage: A Guide for Christian CouplesPreparing for Marriage: A Guide for Christian Couples
An effective resource for pastors and counselors to use in premarital counseling. This practical workbook helps engaged couples explore their expectations, potentially troublesome issues, and the meaning and challenges of marriage. Only one book per couple is needed.
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  • ISBN 9780806625690
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  • Pages 72
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  • Publication Date Jan 1, 1992

Table of Contents


Getting to Know Each Other

How Do You View Me?
Clue Each Other In
Look Before You Leap
Discovering Each Other
Playing Solomon

Our Faith
Sharing Our Faith Vision
Two Faiths, One Love
Please Listen to Me

Conflict Resolution
The Bells Are Ringing
Fighting without Fighting
Fighting Fair
Try, Try Again
On Our Worst Behavior

Sexual Intimacy
Sex and Sexuality
Birth Control
Unplanned Pregnancies
The Impact of AIDS
Intimacy Checkup
Toward Intimacy

If We Don't Know Where We Come From
My Family, Your Family, Our Family
Now's the Time
Are We Ready?

Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Alcohol and Drug Abuse within Marriage
Tough Questions about Alcohol and Drugs

Money Matters
The Dollar Almighty?
Your First-Year Budget
Financial Planning
Knowing the Territory
Getting Your New Financial House in Order

The Future
Keeping Things Humming
Our Favorite Things
Read the Future